söndag 7 oktober 2012

A Sunday stroll

Took a walk to explore the neighborhood. Found some pretty houses, a funny street name (shortcut) a field with tall grass and realized I miss the forest.

måndag 20 augusti 2012

When Tomorrow Comes

My owls are happy in the window, the weather is beautiful and I don't have more work planned. So now I can spend all my time worrying about the university, new people, new streets and all the rest.
There's so much I have to figure out.
Or maybe I just stick my head in the sand and see what happens.

The fields getting ready... Soon we're gonna be able to just gallop as fast as we can across the stubble fields and feel the wind.

Gosh, I'm really gonna miss that  sweet, stubborn little horse...

If you want to know what I'm up to, check out mina vantar (my mittens)

måndag 30 juli 2012

Last week

Got up early in the morning and went back to bed. Found a small pinecone, read a bit and looked at the baltic sea. Came back home, went to work.

lördag 7 juli 2012


I'm folding small origami cranes which are going to be transformed into earrings :)

I'm also knitting socks, visit my other blog and take a closer look ;)


Enjoy your weekend!

fredag 22 juni 2012


I've just discovered instagram, seems like I'm hooked...
If you want to find me, search for frostflinga :) but now it's time to pack up and go to work.

tisdag 12 juni 2012

A Savage giveaway

Guess What, The ToothFairy Necklace is out on a savage giveaway. Keeping my fingers crossed.
Klick on the pic to get to the right post at Karins blog.